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By using the cold roll forming process, which is a continuous method to create successive bends in the metal strip, the desired cross-section shape can be determined without changing the thickness of the sheet and by passing it through a set of rotating rollers.
In this process, by forming the metal in the cold state, the sheet strip is transformed into a profile with a uniform cross-section. Forming is done by moving the metal strip through a set of rollers that are installed on the shafts of the machine. Each set of rollers performs some shaping operations so that after passing through the last set, the desired cross-section shape is obtained.

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About Sina Shargh Profile Industries

Sinashargh Steel Profile Industries Company was founded in 2001 and started its pursuit as the biggest producer of industrial products of pipes, rectangular profiles, profiles, and industrial parts in the east of the country on a land area of six hectares.

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