Z-Profile-Steel pipes - Sina Shargh
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The profile is one of the most widely used sections in the construction industry, which is produced in many samples and sold in the iron market. Profiles in the iron market are divided into two categories, open and closed.

Z profile
is used to cover the roof of large halls or workshops, gas stations, bus stations, workshops, trains, and similar industrial uses. The price of profile Z and also the weight of profile Z can help building contractors in engineering and economic estimates. Profile Z is mostly used in building roofs of sheds, warehouses, parking lots, and industrial buildings. Like some other steel products used in building construction, Zed construction profile can be produced by forming various types of sheets

In some cases, the Z profile is produced from a black sheet with low thickness and then coated in hot galvanizing workshops. Sometimes, they produce Z profiles directly from galvanized sheets using a molding machine. In any case, the standard points of this profile are the same as other steel products that are used in construction projects according to the Stahl table. You can see the weight table of Z profile sections further on this page.